Virginia Cooperative Extension

Franklin County Cooperative Extension provides research-based information to County residents on a variety of topics relating to agriculture, family and consumer sciences, and 4-H youth activities. Information is made available through educational brochures, seminars and clinics, individual consultations, and membership in organized groups such as:

  • 4-H clubs
  • Agricultural commodity groups
  • Family and community education (FCE) clubs
  • Virginia Master Gardeners

For more information, visit the Virginia Cooperative Extension website.

Educational Activities

  • Agri-business advice
  • Commercial agricultural and horticultural information and consultation
  • Consumer resource management
  • Family Financial management
  • Farm planning, livestock, and forage production information
  • Food safety education and recommendations
  • Home food preservation information
  • Homeowner horticultural consultation by Master Gardeners
  • Insect, weed, and plant disease identification and treatment recommendations
  • Nutrition and wellness education
  • Pest control advice and pesticide information
  • Soil analysis
  • Volunteer leadership development

Youth Development Programming

  • 4-H Camping Experiences
  • 4-H Community and Special Interest Programs
  • 4-H School Club Projects
  • Community Service Projects
  • Creative and Performing Arts
  • Leadership Development
  • Public Speaking