Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs)

  1. Availability of Emergency Medical Service Units (PDF)
  2. Bariatric Patients (PDF)
  3. Career Reaction Times (PDF)
  4. Career Staff Volunteering (PDF)
  5. Chaplains Response Programs (PDF)
  6. Daily and By the Tour Duties (PDF)
  7. Dispatch Guidelines (PDF)
  8. Drug and Alcohol Testing (PDF)
  9. Emergency Vehicle Operations (PDF)
  10. Emergent Forcible Entry (PDF)
  11. Employee Time Sheet (PDF)
  12. Engine 15 Utilization (PDF)
  13. Exposure Control Plan (PDF)
  14. Fees for Standbys (PDF)
  15. FIRE 1 Basic Fire Ground Operations.docx
  16. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Apparatus Response (PDF)
  17. First Responder Station Guidelines (PDF)
  18. Franklin County Department of Public Safety Liaison to Emergency Communications Center (PDF)
  19. Franklin County Department of Public Safety Personal Protective Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance (PDF)
  20. Handling of Dead on Arrival Patients (PDF)
  21. Health and Safety (PDF)
  22. Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) Atmospheres (PDF)
  23. Incident Reporting (PDF)
  24. Inclement Weather Operations (PDF)
  25. Knox Box Operations (PDF)
  26. Light Duty (PDF)
  27. Medical Direction (PDF)
  28. Membership Criteria (PDF)
  29. Memorial Recognition (PDF)
  30. Mutual Aid - Relationships (PDF)
  31. Notification of Fire Marshal (PDF)
  32. OPS7 Incident Command and Accountability
  33. Organization and Accountability (PDF)
  34. Patient Care (PDF)
  35. Patient Transport Destination (PDF)
  36. Personnel Hygiene and Grooming (PDF)
  37. Photograph Image, Audio, and Video Recording (PDF)
  38. Preceptors (PDF)
  39. Privately Owned Vehicle Use and Drive Eligibility Policy (PDF)
  40. Property Management (PDF)
  41. Quality Management (PDF)
  42. Radio Designation (PDF)
  43. Radio Operations (PDF)
  44. Recruitment and Retention (PDF)
  45. Rehab (PDF)
  46. Request for Training (PDF)
  47. Respiratory Protection (PDF)
  48. Response to Utilities Incidents (PDF)
  49. Restricted Duty (PDF)
  50. Rules of Conduct (PDF)