Lost & Found Animals

Is your pet lost? Contact our Shelter at 540-483-7440 to see if your pet was brought to our shelter by Animal Control.  It's required by law to have your pet wear a collar with current county rabies tag and identification. This will ensure your pet returns to you if found.

Calling the local Veterinarian clinics to report your animal missing is also a good idea. They may post a bulletin in their office. Posting flyers in the area can also be helpful in locating your pet. You can also check Pet Finder and the Franklin County Animal Shelter Facebook page.

Other contact information for an animal that has been lost or found are the:

  • Emergency Veterinary Services
    Phone: 540-563-8575
  • Franklin County Humane Society
    Phone: 540-489-3491
  • Franklin News-Post
    Phone: 540-483-5113