Unincorporated Towns & Villages

The 2025 Franklin County Comprehensive Plan identifies two unincorporated towns and seven villages. The two unincorporated towns are Westlake and Ferrum, and the seven villages are:

  • Burnt Chimney
  • Callaway
  • Glade Hill
  • Hales Ford
  • Penhook
  • Snow Creek
  • Union Hall

These areas are primary focus for local services, social activities, and community life, as well as providing opportunities for employment. Community facilities that serve the needs of the surrounding rural community include, but are not limited to:

  • Churches
  • Elementary schools
  • Fire and rescue sites
  • Post offices
  • Recreation areas

Franklin County's Comprehensive Plan seeks to strike a balance between growth, development, and an expanding population, and at the same time, preservation of farmland, rural character, and scenic beauty. The Future Land Use Chapter of the Plan states development in villages or towns should be based on adopted community plans. Furthermore, policies of the Plan suggest to establish, identify, and plan the enhancement of key gateways and entry points to the towns and villages and to establish guidelines for landscaping, setback, and coordination of access so as to enhance the quality of these points.

Area Plans