Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Department of Franklin County provides technology solutions to enable the business of local government to be more effective and efficient in serving citizens in a timely and courteous manner, while embracing the County’s Customer Service Philosophy and Customer Service Core Values.


  • Develop and maintain skilled staff to ensure proper support of technologies and ability to implement technology that meets the needs of the internal and external customer "business needs"
  • Ensure cost effective use of County funds in providing a communication and computer infrastructure that effectively meets the needs of the internal and external customer "business needs"
  • Improve business processes and enhance the customer experience by redesign, automation or education in the use of back-office technologies
  • Improve customer confidence in the IT department by protecting County data to ensure reliable, safe and convenient access to the appropriate information for County staff and citizens
  • Provide a reliable communication and computer infrastructure to effectively and efficiently support county services, keeping in mind the customer need, today and in the future
  • Provide support and strive to be proactive by anticipating customer needs and deliver timely and effective responses to customer requirements

Essential Functions

The Essential Functions of the Information Technology Department will be performed by our courteous and respectful staff while being mindful of the County's Customer Service Philosophy and Core Values. We will constantly strive to support both internal and external customers by making their needs a priority.