Virginia Placement Testing Dates


To take the Placement Test, please call Dawn Kessler at (540) 483.0179 ext. 2116.  

Apply to the School

Please apply to Virginia Western first, and bring a photo identification (ID) and your Virginia Western Student ID number with you when testing. Each test takes about 1.5 hours to complete. Apply to Virginia Western


For more information or to make an appointment to take the Placement Test at The Franklin Center call: 540-483-0179, ext. 2116, or 540-857-6812. (Students can take the Placement Test anytime at the main Testing Center at Virginia Western, during our regular hours of operation, without an appointment.)

Class Registration

Virginia Western Community College Summer Registration Opens – March 2nd 

Students can get Advising and Registration help at The Franklin Center…call Dawn Kessler (540) 483-0179 ext. 2116 to make appointments.