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The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), a federal law enacted in 2003, was created to eliminate sexual abuse in confinement. In addition to providing federal funding for research, programs, training, and technical assistance to address the issue, the legislation mandated the development of national standards. The National Prison Rape Elimination Commission developed recommended national standards for reducing prison rape. In order to promote a safe and humane setting for the confinement of pre-trial detainees as well as convicted offenders, the Franklin County Jail maintains a “zero tolerance policy” regarding the sexual abuse of inmates, staff-on-inmate sexual misconduct, and inmate-on-inmate sexual misconduct.  The Franklin County Jail maintains a program of prevention, detection, response, investigation and tracking.  Sexual assault among inmates and staff sexual misconduct towards inmates is strictly prohibited and subject to administrative and criminal disciplinary sanctions.  All allegations, regardless of source will be investigated.  Staff-on-inmate sexual misconduct will be governed by the Code of Virginia §18.2-64.2, which includes contract and volunteer personnel.  The appropriate sections of the Code of Virginia will govern inmate-on-inmate sexual abuse based upon the advice of the Commonwealth’s Attorney and the investigating police authority.

Sexual misconduct is illegal and will not be tolerated in any manner at the Franklin County Jail. Sexual misconduct includes: inmate-on-inmate sexual abuse, assault, or consensual sexual activity, and staff-on-inmate sexual abuse, assault or consensual sexual activity. Sexual misconduct also includes any solicitation of sexual activity. All allegations are fully investigated and substantiated incidents are reported to the local police for further investigation and referral for prosecution if warranted.  

Sexual abuse can be reported to ANY staff member at any time, either verbally or in writing.  The staff will take actions to protect inmates from the assailant and refer them to medical for further treatment and counseling.  2016 PREA Audit Report

The following resource is available for reporting and/or counseling for victims of sexual abuse: Southside Survivor Response Center (SSRC): 1-877-934-3576

If you wish to report information that an inmate at the Franklin County Jail has been the victim of sexual abuse by another inmate, or have information about employee sexual misconduct with regard to an inmate, please contact one of the following, either in writing or by phone:

Investigations, Office of the Sheriff, County of Franklin
70 East Court Street, Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151
(540) 483-3000
Franklin County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office
275 S. Main Street #33, Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151
(540) 483-3092


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wqo pic cb148W. Q. "Bill" Overton, Jr.
Message from the Sheriff



Text Drive NO 0e26e

The purpose of this video is to drive home the point how important it is to encourage drivers to stop texting while driving. The facts are clear, texting and driving could lead to death. The Office of the Sheriff, on a monthly basis, attempts to keep the residents of Franklin County aware of this issue, plus drunk drivers, drugged drivers, and any other issues that can assist the public.This video has a funeral theme, so the content might be disturbing to some.

As Sheriff Bill Overton always says, "Please everyone return home safe to your families." Here is video link 







ChristmasTrees3 83137

Sheriff Bill Overton kicked off Operation Christmas Tree 2018 this afternoon (Tuesday, October 16th).

Overton said, "In the past two years, since this charity's inception, The Office of The Sheriff has been able to help 51 families in Franklin County during Christmas. By pre-selling Fraser Fir Christmas Trees for only $30 a tree, all proceeds are directed to this cause. Toys, clothing and food are given to those less fortunate with the hopes of making Christmas a little brighter." Overton went on to state how anyone wishing to pre-purchase a beautiful tree can contact Deputy H. L. Nolen at 540-814-1724.







phone scam patrick 72a8f

Scammers are calling Franklin County residents again, making threats, promises and lies.
Any phone call that says you are going to be arrested, Just Hang Up.......Any call that says you are going to jail, Just Hang Up.......Any call that asks you to send them money before you get money..... JUST HANG UP!  Your best defense is to go on the offense and hang the phone up.

Also, talk to anyone in your family that you feel would be susceptible to these type of scams.

Scammers will stop if we all JUST. HANG. UP.






drive sober get pulled fb74b

 The Franklin County Sheriff's Office joins with Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles in promoting "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" We encourage all residents of our fine county to stop drinking and driving AND return home safe to your families.






drug interdiction 2 aec4f

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office conducted a drug interdiction on August 14, 2018 in various parts of the county. To see the stats on the D. I., scroll up on this page and find "View All Flyers Here" section (Left side of page). Click on this and find 081418 Drug Interdiction. Thanks to all the hard working men and women of The Office of the Sheriff for their continuted dedication.





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