The Professional Standards Unit (PSU) supports the mission and core beliefs of the Office of the Sheriff and is overseen by Lt Phillip Young.  Although its primary function is to ensure all members of the agency comply with departmental standards and inter-agency protocols, it also has other additional duties and responsibilities and includes the following subsets:

  • Accreditation Manager: ensures compliance with and adherence to standards established by the V.L.E.P.S.C.
  • Training Officer: makes sure that all sworn law enforcement officers are competent and capable of working assignments in a safe and professional manner.
  • Records: collects, processes and maintains criminal and civil records for the Office of the Sheriff, the courts, the public, and other governmental agencies.
  • Property & Evidence: receives, stores, tracks, and disposes property and evidence that is collected by law enforcement officers within the agency.
  • Domestic Violence  Victim Advocate:  provide victims of violent crimes the information and support needed to ensure positive     experiences within the criminal justice system.