The Office of the Sheriff is made up of a number of different sections that provide valuable services and functions to the citizens of the County in which it serves.   Although those divisions mentioned below are not all-inclusive in any way, they do, however,  offer the viewer with some basic information on other subsets located within the agency.  They include the following:

 • Criminal Investigations Unit: responsible for the more serious criminal offenses occurring within the County (i.e., unattended death investigations, missing persons cases, violent crimes against persons, high value thefts, fraudulent activities, child abuse complaints, sexual assault cases, etc.)

Special Investigations Unit: primarily tasked with both proactive and reactive investigations involving illicit drug manufacturing and distribution.  They are also highly capable of being utilized in situations where non-traditional law enforcement methods  are needed.

Civil Process Division: handles all prejudgment as well as post-judgment services in regards to civil process; with clients ranging from large to small firms, businesses, individual citizens, and the court system.  This division is wide-ranging and fast-paced and deputies spend the majority of their time in  the  community  in order to  accomplish  these  tasks.

Emergency Response Team: conducts tactical operations related to barricaded suspects, hostage situations, narcotics raids, and other emergency situations when traditional law enforcement methods may not be adequate or whenever officer safety is an issue.


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